2020 Book Blogger Award Nominations

Today I want to nominate bloggers for the Book blogger awards run by May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books. I am so excited about this! I hope that people will be able to find some new bloggers from reading this. I haven’t been able to nominate a blogger for every section but I have tried my best.

Best Teen

I am nominating Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea. This was a really hard category to select for because there are so many bloggers and I just wasn’t sure who I wanted to nominate. I love Caitlin’s blog, it looks really amazing and all of her posts are a lot of fun to read.

Best Adult 

I am nominating Margaret @ Weird Zeal. I had a hard time figuring out who to nominate for this one because I wasn’t completely sure if some bloggers are adults. I really like this blog and all of her posts are great. She also just wrote a post about Hamilton which I really loved reading. 

For the best genre blogger section I have only been able to suggest a blogger for the YA section because I mainly read YA blogs. 


I am nominating Kay @ Hammock of Books. Kay has such an amazing blog it looks amazing and all of her posts are so interesting. All of her reviews are really good and recently she wrote an interesting post about Harry Potter and separating the art and the creator.

Best Reviews 

I am nominating Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. She writes really amazing reviews and I also really like the posts where she gives reasons to read a certain book. Also she has a series of posts called Read the Rainbow and it’s really amazing. 

Best Recommendations 

I am nominating Rhi @ Marshmallow Harmonies. Recently I read Read White and Royal Blue and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and let me say these books were so good!! Part of the reason that I read both of these books was Rhi’s blog.

Best discussion post 

I am actually nominating two blogs. The first blog is Chana and Malka @ The Paper Procrastinators. They have written so many interesting posts that I feel like they would be considered discussion posts. They wrote a really interesting post about if you can separate the art and the artist and a post about why people should read book blogs. I also want to nominate Rukky @ Eternity Books. She writes a weekly post with some other bloggers I think called Let’s Talk Bookish and it’s so interesting.

Best Blog Aesthetic

I am nominating Chloe @ Marshmallow Pudding. I love the look of her blog and it is also a really great blog to read. Also, this is random but the name of her blog is funny and adorable, and so is her icon, it is a super cute little pudding.

Best Voice 

I am nominating Olivia @ Purely Oliva. The way she writes is just really nice and just makes me enjoy reading her posts. I also love the way her blog looks. She really seems like the type of person I could become friends with.

Most Helpful

I am nominating Xanda @ Starry Sky Books. All of her posts are really amazing and interesting. She writes a series of posts about things that she wishes she knew when she started blogging which I have personally found so interesting and helpful.

Most Engaged

I want to nominate May @ Forever and Everly. I really love May’s blog, all her posts  are so amazing! I always feel like she always responds to comments, even from a little blog like us, and it’s super nice.

Most Creative 

 I want to nominate Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea. She writes such amazing posts and they are always really interesting. I always feel like her posts are unique. She recently wrote a post reacting to book twitters unpopular opinions and I found it very amusing.

Best Social Media 

I am nominating Paper Fury. I am always so impressed by all of her bookstagram posts. They all look so cool, and I always love to see these posts! Honestly, her bookstagrams are like nothing I have ever seen, they are so colorful and creative. She is also an author, which is super cool.

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

I also have two blogs to nominate. The first blog is Charlotte and Anna @ Reads Rainbows there blog is so amazing and they promote so many queer books and other forms of queer media. I also want to nominate The Quiet Pond. They have talked about so many queer books for pride and have had many guests on their blog to talk about queer books. 

Best New Blogger 

I am nominating Sara @ Words with Wings. Sara has a really nice looking blog! She also writes such amazing posts and you should totally check out her blog. I am also nominating Phoenix, Werewolf and Vampire @ Writers’ YA Book Reviews. They are very new to blogging, and don’t know a lot of people in the community yet. They write great, super informative reviews about mainly fantasy books. You should definitely check them out!


Today I want to talk about…audiobooks! When I was younger, I would often listen to audiobooks when I went on long car trips. Recently I have started to listen to some again. At first it was just because it was the best way to get the book I wanted. I have listened to a few other audiobooks and I am really enjoying it! I have been getting a lot of audiobooks from hoopla which is an app from my library where you don’t need to place holds and it’s great.

One of my favorite parts about audiobooks is all the things that you can do while you are listening. I really enjoy cleaning and listening to a book. Recently I reorganized my bookshelf, and cleaned out my closet and the whole time I got to listen to a book which was so fun. This has also made me feel very productive because these are things that I have been meaning to do. I would love to sit around all day and read but I usually can’t so if I need to do something that doesn’t take too much focus I can listen at the same time. I also really enjoy listening while I am doing art and calligraphy which has been super fun. 

In the past I have not really enjoyed listening to audiobooks because I am very picky about the reader. If I don’t like the voice of the reader I can’t listen to a book. It can just be so annoying. So if I start an audiobook and I don’t like the reader I just won’t listen to it. If I can, I try to listen to a sample of the book before starting it to determine if I want to listen to it. If I do like the book I really enjoy listening so it just really depends. 

Audiobooks can be so long! This is one thing that bothers me; I can read faster than I can listen so sometimes I feel like books are moving really slowly when I am listening. Also when I am reading I like to see how names and such are written but when listening I can’t do this which makes me sad.  

So far I have only listened to two audiobooks so I will see how my opinion changes but this is how I am feeling so far. I have listened to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and Crier’s War and really enjoyed both of them. I am also currently listening to Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secret of the Universe and it is read by Lin Manual Miranda which is really cool. 

Do you enjoy audiobooks? Tell us your opinions!

Pride Month Reading List

As many of you know, it is pride month!!! This means I really want to talk about queer books in this post. I have created a list of books that I have read and enjoyed and a list of books I wanted to read for pride. I also enjoy reading romance so most of the books on this list are romances. I hope you find some books that you want to read!

Queer Books I Enjoyed:

Tell Me How you Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi

This book was about two girls who go from enemies to lovers. They end up working on a project together that changes their relationship. It is not very serious and it’s just such a fun read with an adorable cover. So if you are looking for a cute f/f book this would be a wonderful book to read. I read this book in winter which in my opinion would be a good time to read this, because it’s a very cute romance

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

 I really enjoyed reading this book and it was such a fast read. This book is about Milly, a girl who decides to go to a boarding school in Scotland. At this school she meets a princess and they go from not liking each other to liking each other. I mean it’s a gay book and there is a princess so what more do you need to know?

These Witches Don’t Burn Isabel Sterling

This book is about a girl who is a witch and also gay. It has romance and adventure and you just want to know what is going to happen next. It was just a fun book to read, the adventure was exciting and the romance was cute. They had to fight a witch hunter and it was very exciting. I have not really read any witch books but I thought it was very enjoyable. 

The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding

 I enjoyed this book overall but it was not my favorite book, partly because I wasn’t personally all that invested in the relationship. However, I think her friends were really nice and it is a really cute and enjoyable book. She works with Jordi at a clothing store and also goes on adventure with a friend to find a great burger. It also takes place in the summer and I feel like it’s a great summer read. 

We Used to be Friends by Amy Spalding 

This book is about the falling apart of a friendship and I found the way it was written so interesting, because it goes back and forth between different times so you get to see the views of both girls. There is also a cute f/f relationship. You see how the girls friendship fell apart and you get to understand how they are feeling. 

The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar 

I loved this book so much Many people say this, but the sister relationship in this book is amazing (I want a sister like that!). Also the way that coming out is addressed in this book is really great. She comes out to her parents and must deal with their initially negative as well as being outed at her school. 

Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen

We already reviewed this book,  which you can check out here. This book was great and I loved the friendship between Codi and Ricky. I also feel like this is the perfect book to read this summer.

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales

 This book is about a boy named Ollie who has a summer romance and ended up living in the same town as another boy, Will. I really loved both Will and Ollie; they were really amazing and kind characters. It is also a really serious book, Ollie’s aunt has cancer and Ollie and his parents need to help her, her husband and her young kids. It was a really enjoyable read and I would highly recommend it. 

What if it’s Us by Becky Albertelli and Adam Silvera

This book is about 2 boys, Ben and Arthur, who meet each other over the summer in New York and have to search in order to find each other. One of them is new to both the city and relationships, while the other is far more experienced in both departments. Their love story is absolutely adorable, and this book does a good job of giving them both complex backstories. Both of these authors write many books on their own as well: my favorite by Becky Albertalli is The Upside of Unrequited and my favorite by Adam Silvera is They Both Die at the End. Also the title is a Dear Evan Hansen reference and as a theater nerd I love that. 

Queer Books that I want to read: 

These are only a few of the many books in this genre that I would love to read. 

The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth

First of all, the cover of this book is super cute, which as you have probably guessed is something I pay more attention to than I should. This is an adorable romance between two girls, Saoirse and Ruby. Saoirse doesn’t believe in love at first sight and Ruby takes her on many rom-com based dates. Also, we have a friend named Saoirse, so that was cool.

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

 The main character comes out as non-binary,has to move in with their sister and is also dealing with anxiety. It sounds like a really good book and I want to read a book with a non-binary person as the main character. 

You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman

This book is about the stress of applying to college, something I am currently experiencing. I am almost at the age to apply to college and it’s something I haven’t really read about in books before. I think there is also a m/m relationship? It sounds like an interesting book.

Have you read any of these books? Do you want to read any of these books? Tell us what you are reading for pride.

Black Authors Reading List


(please check this out, we worked super hard on it)

At this time I am writing this I see weekly protests and many other actions in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Our national discussion about race has made me think about the diversity of the books I read. This has made me realize that I don’t read very diversely and I am not sure why this is but it does make me want to try and read books by diverse authors and about diverse experiences. This is partially my fault I don’t often look to make sure that I am reading diversely, and I am interested in how the book industry influences the authors I read, but things definitely need to change in the near future.

  Today I wanted to share a list of some books by black authors that I think would be interesting as well as give me insight. Also, some of these books have LGBTQIA+ representation, which is especially relevant  as it is Pride Month. Some of these books are pretty well known, but I still want to talk about them. 

I’m starting off this list with Clap When you Land by Elizabeth Acevedo. I am so excited to read this book!!! I would also recommend With the Fire on High, which is another book by Elizabeth Acevedo that I love. Clap When you Land is a book in verse about two sisters who live in two different places and must deal with their father’s death. I have only read a few books in verse and I have liked some more than others, so I guess I will have to wait and see what I think about this one. 

The next book is You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson. This book is about a black queer girl who runs for prom queen because she needs to earn the scholarship that comes with it. I am pretty sure that she also has a crush on another girl who is running for prom queen. This book is by a black author and has queer rep which is so exciting!!

Here is another book that  has queer rep. This book is Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender. This book is about Felix: a black, transgender, queer kid. He deals with some transphobia and harassment, and there also might be some romances,so overall it sounds like a very good book and I really want to read it. 

The next book I want to talk about is called A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow. This book is about a black girl who is a siren. I am not exactly sure what the rest of the story is but I believe  it also deals with racism. It  seems like a super interesting book and I really want to read a book about a siren. 

Another book I want to add to this list is The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta. I think this is a story about a kid who is dealing with sexuality which sounds really interesting.As you can see from this post I have made choices of what to read based on their cover. This is also a novel in verse, if you enjoy those.

One book that Amethyst recommends is This is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender. This is a beautiful story about high school relationships, love of movies, and family dynamics. The main character, Nathan, is still getting over his best friend that he used to date, when his childhood crush, Oliver, who is deaf, moves back home. The relationships all become complicated super quickly, and it is a story you cannot put down. 

The last book (but certainly not least) I want to add to this list is Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann. This book is about a black queer girl and I think there is some romance. Also there is asexual representation I think which is really cool. I don’t know much about this book but it looks fascinating  

This is not a huge list but these are just some books I am hoping to read. I think it is so important to think about the diversity of books we read (which is something I don’t often do) and I think it’s important to try to read diversely. These books all look really good and I hope  to talk about them in the future.

Have you read any of these books? Do you want to read any of these books? Tell us what you are reading. 

Late To The Party


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Featured Quote: “While my friends and I were lamenting our lack of romantic experience in the basement my little brother had conned us into driving him to a date.”

Hello Humans! During this crazy time I think that reading books about average life is so important. As we near summer, I am not sure what it will look like, but this book was really nice to read because it was about the events of such a normal summer. Reading books about a normal world helps me remember that things will be okay and they are just so nice to read. Recently I  read Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen.

This book is about Codi Teller, a 17 year old girl who hasn’t had many “average” teenage experiences, she doesn’t go to parties and she has never dated anyone. Codi also has a very small world, with very few people or things, but at least  she has two best friends Maritza and Jakory. One day her friends want to go to a party but she doesn’t want to go with them.  Later she does end up going to get them from the party. At this party she meets Ricky. She becomes good friends with Ricky and meets his friends and has many new experiences. The book addresses friendship, sexuality, and is such a nice story about summer. 

lThroughout the book they all explore what being a teenager means. Codi makes new friends and goes to parties and they each get a little romance. A lot of the book is about Codi figuring out what it means to be a teenager.  I haven’t seen this topic explored in many books and I really appreciated how the author took it on . Recently I have read so many books about teens who I have not related to very much, buthe characters in this book were so relatable and seemed so much more like people I might actually know. This  book is also about Codi getting out of her comfort zone and meeting new people, which really made me want to continue reading, because Codi felt so real and true to life that I really cared about the character and wanted to go on the journey with her.  

This book also has amazing queer representation! At first Codi feels as if she can’t be a normal teenager because she is gay. She runs into Ricky at a party making out with a boy and they become good friends. Their friendship was a really important  part of this book; they both really help each other. Throughout the book Codi is not always nice two her two closest friends but they are able to make up in the end and all help each other. All of these characters really made this such a fun read and I really cared about all of them. Throughout this book all of the characters change and develop and become amazing fantastic people. 

I really loved reading this book. It was such a fun summer story about people that I really ended up caring about. During this time when we can’t have these experiences being able to read about such a normal world makes me feel so happy. This was a really great book to read and I feel as if these characters could have been my friends.

Yes No Maybe So


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Featured Quote: “We might give it our all and crash and burn. But we might win. We might actually change things. And that maybe makes it still worth going for, don’t you think?”

Synopsis: Yes No Maybe So by Aisha Saeed and Becky Albertalli is about two people, Jamie Goldberg and Maya Rehman. It is summer and Jamie is volunteering for a state senate candidate. During a campaign event he meets Maya who he knew when they were much younger. Their parents end up forcing them to go canvassing  together. Maya is also dealing with drifting apart from her closest friend and her parents separating. As the summer continues they bond and get more into the canvassing work they are doing. 

Warning: We are both super liberal, and our political beliefs may have affected our perception of this book. 

Yes No Maybe So is about romance but not also much more: it addresses religion and politics in a really interesting way. All of the characters are so relatable, and they seem like people who exist in real life. 

They are campaigning for Rossum who is the democratic in the election and has progressive ideas. They live in Georgia where a democrat has not won this election in a long time. While campaigning, they face all sorts of people, from allies to those who are downright hateful. His opponent, a conservative Republican, who currently holds the position the election is for. He is trying to pass laws that are discriminatory against Muslims, which motivates our protagonists to become more interested in the cause. The work they end up both putting in and the dedication they show is really inspiring. This book really shows the impact you can have when you are younger and still don’t have the ability to vote. 

Jamie is Jewish, and Maya is Muslim, and in my opinion this book does an amazing job of respectfully delving into cultural relations and discrimination. In this era where people feel more willing to voice their discriminations, this story is an inspiration for people trying to make a difference, even if they are below voting age. Jamie dreams of running for office some day, but struggles a lot with public speaking so a lot of the story arc is building up towards him speaking at his sister’s bat mitzvah. During part of this book, Maya is also celebrating Ramadan and Jamie at first doesn’t know a lot about the culture and traditions, so he makes some mistakes but it’s really nice to see how he takes the time to learn about Maya’s religion. Also, this is such an adorable romance, which we of course love. 

Another major subject that this story touches on is social media. Jamie’s grandmother has a rather major social media presence which she uses to help with the campaign, while both Jamie and Maya are not very involved in social media. Jamie and Maya end up creating some video content for the campaign to help the campaign. Social media causes a major problem for them that threatens their relationship. They face numerous comments from people online, without wanting to know what other people think. Also, a photo ends up being posted without their knowledge that leads to a major miscommunication on social media which causes an issue with Maya and Jamie’s relationship. This really shows the negative impact that social media can have on people; I don’t think a lot of books addresses social media in this way (I just read Look by Zan Romanoff which also addresses social media in such an interesting way). Unfortunately, it seems that one of the few ways to make sure people get involved in local elections is to go viral, so that is a major focus of the campaign staff.  Overall, we found Yes No Maybe So amazing, it is super topical and in general a great read.  Have you read this book? Tell us what you think about it!

Childhood Books That Help Us Cope

We have both loved reading since we were children. Sitting under a warm blanket, with a plate of cheese and crackers, or on the hammock in the backyard enjoying a nice breeze, a good book has always been a pleasant companion. One good thing to come from this crazy time is reading a lot more, and we think that this is the perfect time to re-read some books we loved when we were younger. Reading familiar books can be so calming and fun, as well as providing an escape to when things were simpler. We have created a list of a bunch of books that we loved when we were a bit younger and still do, which you should absolutely read if you have the chance.  However, these 10 were the ones we decided to write about, because they are either underrated (in our opinions), have important themes, or are just written exceptionally well. We hope that you find a fun and relaxing book to read! 

The BFG by Roald Dahl- Amethyst

Sophie is an orphan who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when she is snatched from her bedroom window by the Big Friendly Giant, and taken to the land of the giants. At first she is terrified, but the BFG is very kind and treats her well, even educating her about his work catching and spreading dreams. As their friendship grows, Sophie’s presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Victoria to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all. This is a super adorable and fantastical story, and it makes a great escape from boring life. In our opinion, it is one of the best Roald Dahl novels, although some other great ones include Matilda, Fantastic Mr. Fox, James and the Giant Peach, Danny the Champion of the World, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White- Amethyst

The story begins with two swans choosing a place to set up their nest, and starting a family, and they are discovered by a boy named Sam Beaver. One of the cygnets, named Louis, is born without a voice, and he struggles to keep up with his siblings. Sam takes Louis under his wing (pun fully intended) and brings him to school, where he learns to read and studies the greater world, in order to communicate better, and meets a beautiful swan named Serena. However, swans cannot read, so Louis’ father steals him a trumpet. Louis works as a musician around Boston and in the Philadelphia Zoo to pay off his trumpet debt, and becomes rather famous. This is such a beautiful, timeless, and classic children’s story, which touches on wildlife facts as well as fiction. We love the strong theme about overcoming challenges, growing up, and embracing who you are. 

Betsy and Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace- Turquoise

This book is part of a series and the first book is one of my favorites. It is about two young girls growing up around 1915. The book starts off with Betsy and Tacy becoming friends and follows the many adventures they have together. When they first meet, Tacy is very shy but when she goes to Betsys’ birthday party they become close friends. In this book there are also many really nice illustrations that are so fun to see. They have many wonderful adventures, such as  making a playhouse, having dinner together, and making a new friend named Tib. There is such great imagination in this book which helps the girls have wonderful adventures.This is the perfect childhood book to re-read during this time as the adventure is so soothing and just an overall wonderful read. 

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder- Amethyst

This memoir explores the daily life of Laura, growing up in a cabin with her Ma, Pa, big sister Mary, baby Carrie, and their dog, Jack. This includes many chores around the house, as well as making sure they have enough food for winter. The family is largely self sufficient, so they make all of their own belongings and gather all of their food. Some major events that take place include Christmas when they visit relatives, a sugar snow which means they make a lot of maple syrup, a trip to the store in town, and a fight between Laura and Mary where they get a whipping from Pa. This is such a nice relaxing read because it brings readers back to a time when things were incredibly simple, and is told from the perspective of a likable little kid. As you read, it starts to feel as though you are part of the Ingalls family. All of the books in this series are wonderful, but we chose this one because it is probably the happiest. 

Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls- Amethyst


Billy is a kid from the Ozark Mountains in Oklahoma, and wants to own a pair of coonhounds more than anything, but his family cannot afford them. So, he works for several years, and finally earns the money to get them. His grandfather buys the dogs for him, and he must get them in secret because his parents do not approve. He names the two hounds Old Dan and Little Ann, and the three of them are inseparable. He painstakingly trains them to hunt raccoons, and with Old Dan’s strength and Little Ann’s smarts, soon they are unstoppable. Billy faces mean kids and threats to the safety of his pups, but his bravery and wits always gets them through. When Billy’s grandpa enters them in a raccoon hunting contest, the hounds take first place, and the family is overjoyed. The book does have its highs and lows, but it ends up being an uplifting story overall. This may not be the most relaxing and happy story, but it has a bunch of nostalgia for me, so I had to include it on the list. When I was in fourth grade, my teacher would sit us down in a circle and read this book to us, one chapter at a time, over the course of a couple of months, and it was everyone’s favorite part of the week. Although the world it describes is not like anything I have experienced, the themes of bravery and self sufficiency are universal.

Half Magic by Edward Eager- Amethyst

Four children, Jane, Katharine, Martha, and Mark, were having a boring summer, until they found a magical coin. This coin will grant any wish, but only half of it, so they must wish for twice what they actually want. Some disasters follow like creating half a talking cat, being nearly kidnapped in a desert and Martha, the youngest, half disappearing. They do, however, get to go on exciting adventures too, such as jousting with Sir Lancelot, meeting Merlin the magician, and best of all, finding themselves a brilliant new stepfather. We love how this book takes realistic childhood experiences and mixes it with the power of newfound magic, to create a masterpiece that makes a wonderful story.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine- Turquoise

Ella Enchanted is a new take on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. It is about a girl named Ella who is cursed by a witch named Lucinda, when she receives  the “gift” of needing to be obedient. This means that Ella must do whatever anyone tells her to do, even if it could endanger her life or the lives of others, making her constantly at the whim of those around her. When her mother dies and her father remarries an evil woman who has two daughters, they constantly boss Ella around. Her stepsisters learn about the curse and try to use her leading her to run away. She goes on an adventure to try to lift the curse and many crazy things happen. This is an amazing book and Ella is a very strong inspiring character. I think that this is a wonderful adventure to read during this time. The book is also a really wonderful movie so if you don’t want to read it you could watch it. 

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson- Amethyst


This book is about two fifth-graders, Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke. Jess has been practicing all summer for the school recess races, and gets beaten by Leslie, but they still become friends. Leslie is being bullied for dressing and acting differently, and her parents are often working so much that they don’t have time for her. Jess is pressured into giving up drawing, which he loves, to do things like watch sports and be more ‘manly.’ The two of them find a place in the woods that they name Terabithia. The only way to get there is a rope swing across the creek. They call themselves the king and queen of Terabithia, and when they’re there, they use their imagination to live in a world where they are able to forget about any problems they have. The ending of this book is really sad, but it is also such a moving book and it’s very inspiring. Get ready for the waterworks if you choose to read this one!

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart- Amethyst

The Mysterious Benedict Society is part of a series about a group of gifted children, named Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance. They must pass many tests from Mr. Benedict before being chosen for a quest. Their mission involves going to a school, run by Mr. Curtain, and investigating the mysterious messages being broadcast to the entire world. At this school, the children must avoid being indoctrinated by the strange messages that they are constantly subjected to. The characters are so unusual, which makes them much more fun to read about, and it is a really amazing adventure. If you are looking for a book that you won’t be able to put down this is definitely the book for you. Additionally, this book is part of a series, so if you like it there is a lot more. 

The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright- Turquoise

The Saturdays is the first book in a four book series. My personal favorite book in this series is probably The Four-Story Mistake which is the second book in the series. This book is about a family with four children: Mona, Rush, Miranda, and Oliver. They also have a father and a housekeeper and caretaker named Cuffy. They live in New York City in the 1930s. They decided that they all wanted to have adventures so they used their allowances and each had a great adventure in the city, one Saturday for each of them. Some of these adventures include going to the circus and going to the opera. The siblings have such a nice relationship that is so nice to read about at any age. The characters are so wonderful and all the books are amazing and so calming. I really enjoy listening to the audiobook version when I need something calm to listen to. 

What I Like About You


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Synopsis: What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter is about Halle Levitt, a teenage girl who writes a book blog called One True Pastry under the pen name Kels. She moves in with her grandfather for her senior year of high school,where she meets Nash, her internet best friend. The problem is that Nash does not know she is secretly Kels. She must deal with this new place, making new friends, family, and Nash. 

Featured Quote: “There’s flour in my hair, the electric mixer is plugged in, and I feel unstoppable.” 

Hello humans!!! I just finished reading What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter, which is incredibly special to me, because it is actually the reason that I am doing this. Before reading this book I didn’t know a lot about YA bloggers, so it is fitting that this is the first book I am reviewing. First of all, I really loved reading this book! I got so caught up in what was happening that I didn’t want to stop reading. This book really captures so much at one time and is an amazing read for anyone who wants a story about the life of a teenage book nerd. 

I really loved getting to know all of the characters in this book. Halle, the protagonist, was an absolutely incredible amazing character. Usually, when I read a book and I don’t agree with some of the choices that the character makes, it really bothers me, and at points in this book Halle did end up bothering me but I still found her an intriguing character.

 Halle is dealing with the recent death of her grandmother and living with her grandfather and brother as they deal with the loss of her grandmother. She meets new people including Nash and his friends and throughout the book these people become her close friends as well. She also deals with what it means to be Jewish, because while living with her grandfather who is a more observant Jew, she starts to attend services, which I find another fascinating part of the book. As a Jew, this meant a lot to me personally because I think understanding what religion means to you is so important and can be really difficult. I can find  Halle also has a really wonderful relationship with her younger brother. I found this really  inspiring because often in YA books sibling relationships aren’t prevalent. There is also a romantic element to this book between Halle and Nash, but I think that as a person Halle deals with a lot and changes immensely as a person over the course of the book. Overall, Halle has to deal with so much over the course of this book and changes a lot by the end. The community that Halle/Kels, her online persona, has in this book is really inspiring.

One important discussion in this book was about who YA is for, because an author said that she was not just writing books for teens. At first Halle did not want to make a statement about this, but in my opinion it is important that there are books that are designed specifically for teens. This is such a unique period of a person’s life, and many other forms of literature just aren’t relatable, so having a place where teens can read about the challenges they face is so important. 

Hello Humans!!!

Hello Humans!!! We will not be disclosing our real names onto the vast and mysterious internet, so you will know us as Amethyst and Turquoise, two teen girls who love reading, food, dogs, and experiencing the world. We are just starting this blog so we don’t completely know what we are doing but we plan to talk about lots of books. We enjoy reading YA nonfiction including historical fiction, science fiction, and romance. We are currently living during a really strange time (due to the world falling apart) but we are so excited to start this adventure and we hope that we can be of service when things are boring.

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